What we do:

Digital Islands provides practical help for small and medium sized companies that are looking to grow.

Through the combination of 20 years business experience and the use of our tried and tested growth-plan methodology, we gain a thorough understanding of your business, identify where there are challenges and then work with you to overcome those issues.  Whether it is to actually create a business plan, development of a UK sales and marketing plan; review the pricing strategy; conduct market research ahead of an international expansion; or run a training and development programme, we can help.

Digital Islands will work along side you to successfully achieve your objectives.

We work with a small number of strategic partners to enhance the breadth of capability of the implementation team, around International market research, creative content development, outsourced sales, and certain technical solutions.

We help companies to plan, research and execute on their UK market entry

Market Entry to the UK

Digital Islands works with Small and Medium Sized companies, including pre-revenue start-ups, to develop clear UK market entry plans; conduct market research; test propositions with buyers; and execute a sustainable market growth strategy.

It’s important to know that for us, research goes hand in hand with supporting business development. Give me a call to discuss what it is you want to achieve – click on the menu bars in the top right of the screen and you will see my contact phone number. Alternatively complete the contact us form at the bottom of the page.

In 2019 we are working with a group of companies in Newhaven, East Sussex to help them Scale Up. See more details of this programme here

Demand Research

Demand Research

Demand Research is the term we use to help you get your business proposition right for the market, to test this with buyers, refine it if needed, and understand the segments where the greatest successes can be achieved. Demand Research ensures you focus on the areas where there are opportunities, and not on the sectors where there are just challenges and delays.

Demand Research is a key stage in the identification of early adopter customers, and understanding how to develop and implement a repeatable sales process.

Training and eLearning

Training and e-Learning

In addition to real world workshops and training sessions, Digital Islands works with clients to develop bespoke training and learning solutions, whether for your staff, your customers or business and channel partners. Using a variety of media formats, we will help you quickly and cost effectively design and deliver a great learning solution.

Our Associates

Digital Islands works with a small number of select providers, who we describe as Associates. The Associates to provide clients with a broader range of expertise, enhancing our implementation capability and capacity. Digital Islands only works on small and medium sized contracts, allowing us to select the very best partners to work with on any given project.

Our Associates Include:

A research specialist providing insights for those expanding into international markets.

A digital content business.

A deal focused telemarketing company.


Scale Up Newhaven

Scale Up Newhaven

The idea of this project is to use the methodology developed by the Scale Up Institute (well worth reading their stuff, it's really good!), and applying it to companies that have the potential to be Scale Ups. Digital Islands was appointed at the start of 2019 to work...

The number of Start ups in the UK

The number of Start ups in the UK

1,802 new business were formed in the UK every day last year! That’s 75 new enterprises every hour, of every day in 2016, 24 hours a day

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